• What is the difference between active and passive tracking?

    A:  Active tracking communicates frequently with the device to ensure ample data is collected to manage a fleet.  Passive tracking is much less vigorous and would be used more for theft recovery or static hardware deployments.

  • What security features are built in to protect customer’s private information?

    A:  Internally there are over 50 individual permissions that can be granted or denied for each individual user.  With SSL encryption through HTTPS all information is transmitted to the client in a secure manner (same as financial institutions use).   We also employ secured user authentication with username and password requirements and session expiration.

  • What elements of the platform are customizable?

    A:  The platform is highly customizable and it is quite easy to give it a new look and feel.  The branding can be “white-labeled”, the icons are interchangeable, we have 4 different languages, the measurements can be metric vs. imperial, the color scheme is completely customizable.  And of course we can provide custom development work for any special projects.

  • What support is included with the Spot Tracking Solution? (from the Spot FAQs page)

    A:  Spot Tracking will provide an Account Manager and Support Technicians to provide Service Provider level support.  Spot Tracking will also provide the initial branding and training for the platform.

  • After the system is set up, what other costs are involved?

    A:  Other costs in GPS tracking may include:  GPS tracking devices, SIMs cards, data plans, custom mapping, and software integration.  In addition, there are other modules that can be added to the base platform that do require setup fee or module cost.  Features like HOS, Web Services, SMS Gateway, Dispatch/Workflow, Mobile Tracking Solution, Additional Custom Branding, APN Configuration are a few examples.

  • What happens when my device loses connectivity do I lose my GPS information?

    A:  If you hardware has a “store and pour” feature, when it regains wireless connectivity the missing data will be uploaded.  There are some limitations here with time and the amount of information being stored.  Most models of hardware we support are capable of storing this information until they can transmit it again via telemetry.  The data will be added to the platform with the GPS timestamp when the position was captured.  This information is added to the database in a background process to not interrupt any current messages so there will not be any delay in current device activity.  The history will be displayed in the order that the positions were captured, not the order they were received by the server.

  • What information can be captured for vehicles on the platform?

    A:  We can capture data such as Vehicle Name, Driver, Device type, IMEI, Hardware name, MSDIN, odometer, engine hours and much more.  Depending on the type of hardware much of this can be captured automatically.  Other information may require manual input.  High end hardware can capture information such as temperature, altitude, acceleration, speed, as well as other key metrics.

  • Can I get a Demo Platform for internal testing?

    A:  Yes, we can provide a 1week demo platform, but the prospect will need to provide or purchase the hardware for testing, they will need at least 1 device for the evaluation process, but multiple devices will greatly enhance the user experience.

  • What is the Spot Mobile Tracking Solution?

    A:  The mobile client is the application that runs on BlackBerry, Android, or iOS platforms to enable the mobile phone or tablet to be used as GPS hardware with Spot Tracking.

  • What is the mobile viewer for the Spot Tracking platform?

    A:  The mobile viewer is a scaled down version of the Spot software optimized for mobile devices (smartphones/tablets).   The Mobile Viewer page is designed for a fleet manager or anyone needing to view the information of the items while on the go.  This page is view only and no changes can be made.